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Looking for something to bring on your next girls trip?  Chocolate is always a good candidate and fine Italian chocolate is even better. Heres an excerpt from this months Food & Wine:

Late last year, I grew curious about an Italian chocolate brand called Amedei. I mean curious in the same sense that sharks are curious about surfers. Amedei, founded in 1990, is the joint project of a 42-year-old Italian named Alessio Tessieri and his younger sister, Cecilia; he buys the cacao and she turns it into dark 137, glossy bars. 137 in november, a competition in london awarded a gold prize to one of cecilia's handiworks, a single-plantation chocolate called chuao. Two other Amedei products tied for silver. Both the visionary French pâtissier Pierre Hermé and the visionary Spanish chef Ferran Adrià have said that Chuao might, in fact, be the world's greatest chocolate. And yet Amedei is sold in only a handful of stores in the U. S. , and—while a new importer has big plans for the brand—few Americans have heard of it.   []
Amedeis Chuao bars are so popular theyre sold out [137] on most retailer sites.   Fortunately you can order from as well.  If you can get your hands on some, sharing Chuao chocolate with your girlfriends is sure 137 to be a hit.    [Via ]

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