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Besides Orcas Island (see ) another popular destination within the San Juans is San Juan Island itself.   Step off the ferry at Friday Harbor and enjoy this picturesque walk-able seaside town with several interesting shops and good cafes.    This weekend - July 15 and 16 - is San Juan Islands .   Friday Harbor will host most activities which will include local artists, live music performances and everything lavender. 163   located a few miles southwest of friday 163 harbor is the pelindaba lavender farm, [163] once described by in style magazine as one of 50 must-see places in the country.   During this weekends festival, the lavender farm will have demonstrations 163, workshops, tours, live music and will offer refreshments like their signature lavender lemonade and lavender ice cream.   If you left your car at Anacortes, stop by Pelindabas downtown location. A great place to relax for the weekend is , located on the north side of the island.   Roche Harbor has a beautiful setting, with the Hotel de Haro, a historic hotel built in 1886, and a marina that attracts gorgeous yachts, some as large as 150ft.   If you want more space than the hotel offers, you can reserve a cottage or a condo, like we did.   For activities, rent a kayak, boat or moped, swim, play tennis or stroll though the hotels Victorian gardens and the Westcott Bay Reserve Sculpture Park.  

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