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Its fall again and pumpkin patches (as well as pumpkin lattes!) are appearing everywhere. ¬† As Iíve mentioned before 177, I love everything about pumpkins. What other vegetable serves as a food source, artistic canvas, candle holder and the perfect symbol of autumn?¬†¬†¬† ¬† Here are some places around the country that celebrate pumpkin season: Oct. 177 [177] 13-14 on main street this festival, located 25 miles south of san francisco, features gargantuan gourds, world-class pumpkin carvers, harvest-inspired crafts, live entertainment, a pumpkin parade, a haunted house, pie-eating, carving and costume contests. The pumpkin winning the Word Championship (pumpkin) Weigh-off will also be on display. ¬† Hit the road early if you plan to go ‚Äď this is a very popular event. Oct. 20, 2007 This small New England town holds the current Guinness world record for most lit jack-o-lanterns in one place 177 ‚Äď almost 29, 000. ¬† Youíll see an amazing collection of carved pumpkins at this festival. Each year Half Moon Bay hosts a World Pumpkin Championship Weigh-off where farmers bring in their home grown pumpkins and try to beat the current record. ¬† This yearís winner took home the prize with a 1, 524 pound pumpkin. ¬† Now thatís a lot of¬†pumpkin! ¬†

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