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Travel about an hour south of San Jose off 101 and youíll come to the charming 306 town of . ¬† Carmel, for short, was once a bohemian haven for writers, artists, actors and photographers. The strategic location and scenic beauty of the California coastline has transformed this sleepy village into a posh escape for the well-heeled. ¬† Though the sky-high real estate has chased many of the bohemians from the area, Carmel retains the feel of a small European village. ¬†¬†¬† For lodging, stay at the ¬†-¬†located¬†in the village and only two blocks from Carmel Beach. ¬† This vintage Mediterranean style villa was built as a private residence in 1904 and¬†includes five private cottages and a pool. ¬†¬† The streets in Carmel are narrow and usually jammed 306, so the best way to explore is by foot. ¬† Start with a stroll down Ocean Avenue where you can spend hours shopping at over 90 art galleries and hundreds of boutiques and cafes. For a nice break, stop in for coffee and pastries at Caffe Cardinale¬†just off Ocean Avenue between Dolores and San Carlos. Explore the small side streets off Ocean Ave. which are filled with quaint storybook-like cottages. ¬† Many of the cottages were designed by Hugh Comstock. One of the better known residences is the ďDoll HouseĒ, which he designed for his wife to display her doll collection. ¬† The Walker residence is perched over the Pacific Ocean and was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. ¬† A fun [306] way to see these highlights and more is to take a walking tour. ¬† offers two hour walking tours almost everyday of the week. ¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† Keep heading west on Ocean Avenue and youíll end up on Carmelís white sandy beaches. 306 ¬† the temperature in carmel is moderate, so itís more likely youíll need a sweater than a swimsuit. ¬† In either case, ¬†Carmel Beach is a great place to¬†enjoy the scenic beauty of the Pacific Ocean and the cypress trees. ¬† During the summer the village will host the ‚Äď a summer tradition since 1935. ¬† This yearís festival runs from July 15 ‚Äď August 5 and will include over 50 performances.

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