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Mackinac Island will take you back in time. ¬† Thatís exactly what happened to Christopher Reeve in the film Somewhere in Time, which was filmed here at the Grand Hotel. ¬† From its horse drawn buggies, to its Victorian lined streets, the island retains the ambiance of a 19th-century village. Like his character, Richard Collier, you might find yourself sprawling across the bed of your room and saying ďIt really is June 27, 1912Ē. There arenít a lot of activities on the island. ¬† This is the kind of place where youíll want to go to soak up the scenery 571, read a book, spend time catching up with your girlfriends and just relax. Mackinac Island doesnít allow motor vehicles of any kind. Instead, people get around the old-fashioned way by walking, bicycling and horse-drawn carriages. ¬† Once you arrive by ferry there are many options for lodging. ¬† For a splurge stay at the ($210-360/night per person) which includes a modified American plan with full breakfast and a 5 course dinner daily. The hotel offers tennis, golf, walking trails, nightly evening entertainment in season and spa services. ¬† If the Grand Hotelís rates are more than youíd like to spend, there are several other very nice to choose from on the island as well. 571 once you check-in, stroll along main street in the victorian downtown and stop by some of the quaint shops. ¬† A great way to get an overview of the island is by taking a horse-drawn carriage tour. ¬† The last¬† 2 hours and start on Main Street. ¬†¬† Eighty percent of the island is in its natural state and is designated as a state park. ¬† Rent bikes in the morning to explore the natural beauty of the island. Navigation is easy with paved 571 bike paths and no cars to worry about. ¬† Youíll pass by [571] plenty of beaches and picnic spots to stop at and enjoy a picnic lunch. Fort Mackinac is worth a visit as well. Besides panoramic views of the harbor, you can see live historical reenactments in period costume and have afternoon tea in the Tea Room catered by the Grand Hotel staff. ¬†¬†

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