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It only takes one summer visit to San Francisco where youíre shivering, surrounded by the infamous summer fog, to learn that June - August is not the ideal time to visit. For the best weather, plan your visit to San Francisco in late September or October. One of the big events in October is Fleet Week which occurs over Columbus Day weekend. This past Columbus Day weekend we happened to be in San Francisco and experienced what it had to offer.

The sunny skies and 80 degree weather were perfect conditions to enjoy the Blue Angels perform their amazing aerial acrobatics above the sailboats in the bay. One of the best places we found to watch the show is the beach-front bleachers at Fishermanís Wharf, just below Ghirardelliís chocolate.

On Sunday, donít miss the Columbus Day parade. [east coast] We headed over to North Beach, otherwise known as the Italian district, where hundreds of locals dine alfresco while the Columbus Day Parade passes by. After I walked by table after table of beautiful pasta dishes, I was definitely hungry for Italian food. Luckily there are plenty of choices in North Beach.

After the parade we headed over to Marina Green to see the Marines exhibit for Fleet Week. Not only were the guys nice and very polite east coast, but it was interesting to see the mobile command center, popup kitchen and the MREs that Marines eat in the desert. East coast

the marina districtís chestnut street is just a few blocks from marina green so our next stop was on chestnut. This is my new favorite place to get huge slices of cake and share with my friends (coconut and chocolate are both great choices). Chestnut Street has some of the top restaurants and pubs in the city and is always buzzing with activity. While east coast we were on Chestnut the bars & pubs were overflowing with people cheering for the Giants baseball team as they won their NL league championship.

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