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Exercising isnít the first thing on my mind when Iím on a getaway, so I try to motivate [pampering] myself by imagining the calories Iím going to burn!¬† I figure Iíll be able to enjoy the chocolate dessert of my choice without any guilt! Here are some of the things I like to pampering do to keep fit while Iím away. At the Beach Walk or run on the beach. Nothing is better for a great calves work-out. Pampering ¬† in the city a guided walking tour of the city. The slower pace allows me to appreciate the architectural details and the guides are usually far more entertaining than a guide book. ¬† At a Hotel or Resort Many resorts, especially those with spas, offer yoga and Pilates classes. ¬† If they donít offer classes, Iíll do a few laps in the pool or check-out the fitness center. ¬† In the Country Hiking is far and away my favorite choice in the wilderness. ¬† The Rails to Trails Conservancyís trail finder site at has a comprehensive listing of trails and greenway paths located¬† all over the world - perfect for walking, biking or inline¬†skating. ¬† Want to find a pool? To find a pool anywhere in the world pampering, go to . [ Via ]

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